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Organisation: Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand
Name: Aimee Bennett
E-Mail: aimeebennett45@gmail.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: The Big Friendly Giant

Description of Project: The Big Friendly Giant is a series of six informative posters about the endangered New Zealand Kauri Tree. This project was in response to how can we engage and inform the public about endangered species in New Zealand through the display of various information types. The series tells a story of the Kauri Tree from past to present using the visualisation of various data sets ranging in complexity. Through a clear visual system the various segments of information can be clearly understood and interpreted. Through the visual language of the posters the audience are able to gain a greater understanding and knowledge about the New Zealand Kauri Tree. This is because they are able to understand information and data that would normally be found in a wordy and complicated report is now shown in an interesting, informative and clear manner.

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