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Organisation: Design Academy Eindhoven
Name: Philipp Doringer
E-Mail: Pdoringer@gmail.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: Atlas Of No Direction Home

Description of Project: The Atlas Of No Direction Home is a database filled with all the locations relevant to Bob Dylan’s career. It lists all the places mentioned in his songs, the towns where his studio albums were recorded, the venues of his tours, and other places that played an important role in his life. The content of this book is organized through the geographic coordinate system of the world. The longitude coordinates, which go from West to East, W 180° to E 180°, are used as page numbers in the book. The latitude coordinate, which is the North-to-South location of a place, organizes the order of the places shown in this book on each page from the top to the bottom. Since Duluth, Minnesota is Bob Dylan’s birthplace the book begins with the longitude coordinates of this city, W 92°. From there the book goes around the world once, from west to east, going over every degree like a scanner and collecting all places located there. In addition to the database, maps show all the places mentioned in the book, as well as the locations of all the venues for Dylan’s ongoing Never Ending Tour.

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