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Organisation: New Design University
Name: Sandra Unterkircher
E-Mail: unterkircher.sandra@gmail.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: Grenzen – an Atlas of Geopolitical Separations

Description of Project: The wall planned to separate the US & Mexico is all over the news, but what many don’t know – it’s not the only one. Worldwide, there are countless border fortifications as well as natural borders. Combined in a book and a digital map, my bachelor project “Grenzen” aims to help people understand borders and their consequences. The book is less about geographical orientation and more about the various forms and sizes of the different borders. Scales enable comparability and infographics show the facts behind the forms. Being separated into two parts and a neutral center and using different papers and colours, the topic of separation and borders inspired the book itself as well. Through the digital map, a more detailed interaction with the topic is made possible. The user can literally explore the worlds borders by getting information about sizes, reasons and more, while also understanding what the situation is like through actual images.

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