Happy Hour
Entries and Awards
Submissions from 23 Countries

with Barbara Weingartshofer and Markus Widmer

Fifth guest is Barbara talking about the Focus-on-Gender project at the University of Vienna and - together with Markus -presenting what´s going on inside the paper mill at mondi ag.
Happy Hour is a hybrid meeting with easy going dialogues on information design.
Please feel welcomed to join this zoom-session and discussion.

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The edition of 2020 is 302 pages strong.
For all submissions a printed copy will be shipped in October.,

In the meantime there is a free PDF for download at issuu
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In case you prefer a hardcopy, it is available for purchase
for Euro 29,- + shippings costs.

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The IIIDaward2020 Exhibition Tour

It will be the most extended and most intensive IIIDaward tour ever. It will start in Vienna, go to Latvia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Belarus, Germany, Poland and many other destinations.

First stop will be in the Designforum at the Museumsquartier in Vienna.

If you have any opportunity to show the IIIDawards in your company, university, institution, please drop a note. Thank you for your support.

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Talking in Symbols

Erwin K.Bauer and Dasha Zaichanka
buero bauer Gesellschaft für Orientierung und Identitaet mbH

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Jury Prize: Woman and Work

Information site “Woman and Work”
Vineta Kreigere, Ruta Jumite
Art Academy of Latvia

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Climate Change: IUU Fishing Index

Leandro Amorim

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COVID-19: Printables

Katherine Sellen

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Editors Choice: Pictography in Motion

Carlos Rosa + Maria Diaz

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The IIID Award – celebrating our best work

The IIID Award is a great celebration of what information designers contribute to society. They apply creativity and design thinking to solve complex communication problems, and to improve every aspect of human life.

When we travel, information designers help us find the way. When we buy things, they help us to make informed choices. When we pay tax or claim benefits from government, they explain our rights and responsibilities and make the process run smoothly. They reveal what data means, they help us find information quickly, and they explain how complex systems work. Information designers help us understand health and healthcare systems, and how our pension works. And more.

In spite of all this, most people know too little about information design. The IIID Award seeks to put that right by showing off our best work, and I look forward to seeing the 2020 entries and prizewinners.

Rob Waller
President, IIID

The IIIDaward at a glance

The international award dedicated only to information design

submission deadline is 30 April 2020

fees: students-30 Euro, IIID-Members-80 Euro, Professionals 120 Euro

31 May 2020: shortlist and winners will be announced

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