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Organisation: Iuav - Venezia
Name: Francesca Menghi
E-Mail: francesca.menghi94@gmail.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: mamamĖ

Description of Project: mamamĖ is a device that aims to promote a realistic perception of the woman´s body during and after pregnancy, too often hampered by a cultural iconography that represents it in an unrealistic and idealized way, and found to be an important factor influencing the depression during the pregnancy and the post-partum. Unlike traditional programs, which deals separately with pre-natal and post-natal care, mamamĖ ensures continuity in supporting the woman, involving and accompanying her without interruption during the changes she faces in this delicate period. The project is expected to act within a program of prevention and control of the depression, in collaboration with the public health and doctors, who will have an important role within the offered service. The mamamĖ service is meant to be free, offered to women by their doctors and supposed to accompany them from the first ultrasound up to one year after delivery, when they´ll have to return the devices to the doctors who will deliver them to other women with a message from the previous ones inside. In exchange, upon the return of the device, the woman can request to receive a book/diary that collects the contents of it.

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