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Organisation: Fluidtime Data Services GmbH
Name: Stefanie Pichler
E-Mail: stefanie.pichler@fluidtime.com
Category: Traffic and Public Transport

Name of Project: FluidGo – Taking Mobility as a Service to the next level

Description of Project: With Mobility as a Service solutions, citizens, employees and other travelers in urban areas plan daily routes from A‘s to B‘s, taking multimodal trip options into account. Supplemented by booking and paying within the MaaS app, they can experience seamless mobility while remaining independent of private vehicles. For this purpose, numerous transport services are integrated into one app, creating a high degree of complexity and a great deal of visual information processing for the app users. With FluidGo, a white label app, Fluidtime has developed an intuitive and lean MaaS Frontend solution that reduces the complex information by standardizing the transport services and contains design elements that maintain an intuitive user experience during the search and booking process of urban travels.

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