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Organisation: Dotdash
Name: Despina Macris
E-Mail: despina@dotdash.com.au
Category: Wayshowing

Name of Project: Milton Green

Description of Project: What was the challenge? Just under three kilometres from the heart of Brisbane’s CBD, Milton Green, previously known as Coronation Drive Office Park, spans over 4 hectares and is home to a mix of national and multinational organisations and government bodies. The precinct fosters a dynamic workplace, balancing permanent on-site amenities with an ever changing programme of events. Milton Green is supported by abundant amenities located within its boundaries including a child care facility, visitor car parking. A complex site to access from the main arterial road, users can find themselves caught in multi-lane, swift traffic flows, often overshooting Milton Green by several kilometres. What was the solution? Our wayfinding strategy is built on shifting focus away from the main arterial road as an arrival address. A major identification sign is located on the major arterial road. Spanning over 20 metres, it confirms the place name and major tenants. The strategy directs users to a secondary road that intersects the campus, providing access to all buildings front doors. Within the precinct, directional signage places emphasis on primary destinations - parking, building numbers and street names. Secondary destinations were designed on separate panels with a colour counterpoint to indicate destinations other than commercial buildings. Working with a limited palette of white, ‘brand’ green and black, a series of 3D form and 2D graphic elements have been designed to extend the Brand intent, whilst responding to the environmental factors on the heavily shaded site What was the effect? Effect - The wayfinding signage has improved vehicle, pedestrian and cycle access to a particularly difficult site. The major arterial road travelling in either direction did not allow for traffic turning into the Milton Green site, except via a side road. The entry was often not easily visible nor easily accessed, especially given the speed of traffic flow. Within the site, wayfinding signage guides users to their building and other locations using a public address system as the destination. The signs act as not only wayfinding devices but also create placemaking and support brand identity.

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