What does IIID mean by "information design"?

Information design aims at transforming data into high-quality information. The idX project made us aware that high-quality information must serve a purpose. We condensed our insights to IIID's tag line: Data transformed into high-quality information empower people to attain goals. Thus IIID should welcome submissions ranging from visualizations that help people understand undisputed facts, situations and processes for whatever imaginable purposes to information and information systems facilitating understanding as well as enabling goal oriented action.

Referring to the last of the listed evaluation criteria "Attractiveness and elegance of the designed information" shouldn't information designers restrict themselves to design well understandable and easily applicable information irrespective of its appeal and aesthetic value? Would the latter be really needed to empower people to attain goals?
I may quote David Hume from his undisputed A Treatise of Human Nature, first published 1739/40: "Reason is, and ought only to be the slave of the passions". Thus, let's not forget about passions, which perhaps manifest themselves best through attractiveness and elegance.

DI Peter Simlinger, Director, IIID

The IIIDaward at a glance

The international award dedicated only to information design

submission deadline until 18 March 2020

fees: students-30 Euro, IIID-Members-80 Euro, Professionals 120 Euro

31 March 2020: shortlist and winners will be announced