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Organisation: University of Art and Design Linz
Name: Bettina Susanne Mörz
E-Mail: connect@bettinamoerz.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: Motorways in Europe

Description of Project: Motorways exist for more than 90 years. They describe the idea of expressways without intersections and oncoming traffic. Because of their rapid national as well as international transportation opportunities and locomotion, motorways got very popular. Now, the European motorway network covers almost 63.394 km. But how is the European motorway network distributed across the countries? How safe are the highways in each country? How fast can I drive in the respective countries and what does it cost to use them? ... With all the mentioned questions the concept and design of the European motorways landingpage started. A databased* onepager with interactive data-elements offers clear structured important information about European highways. 1. Motorway network separated in countries, lengths and amount of motorways 2. Planned expansion of the motorways 3. Different vehicles of using motorways 4. Traffic jams and speed limits 5. Toll costs, toll stations and toll revenues 6. Security risk and fatal accidents + seasonal differentiation It´s effect is to provide a tool with important information about European motorways (incl. data up to the past 10 years) for traveler, professional drivers and people interested in traffic.

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