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Organisation: Art Academy of Latvia
Name: Nora Gavare
E-Mail: nora.gavare@gmail.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: community garden _audz_

Description of Project: I did not want my children to think that tomato grows in the supermarket and their best friends lives in a virtual world. Meanwhile grandma lives alone in her apartment and is forced to sign up in “tiktok” to “meet” her family. So I created a community garden “audz” … and not only me, but together with my family & local city dwellers who (in a time) started to see purpose of being together, participation, responsibility and caring for a common good. Together we made PLACE where to interact, share and acquire knowledge, enhance deeper understanding about synergy between nature, human and time, and foster the value of self-grown food. We were together! Community garden _audz_ is a social, universal and experience design project based on principle of society participation. Open garden is implemented in a time and place where trust to people is an issue. It invites EVERYONE to take part, to be responsible and take care for a common good. _audz_ is a local, small scale answer to the global climate and social challenges of the 21st century. The community garden is built upon the principles of openness and cooperation and tries to involve all societal groups and generations. Project development was carried out in cooperation with local city dwellers and organisations – school kids, elderly and youth with disabilities. The project _audz_ seeks to develop urban gardening in local context and actualizes the importance of accessible public space and place. Garden serves as a meeting place, knowledge transfer point and as a bridge connecting different societal groups.

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