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Organisation: University of Applied Sciences W├╝rzburg-Schweinfurt
Name: Annika Kreikenbohm
E-Mail: hello@annok.de
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: Virtual Data Cosmos

Description of Project: Satellites are continuously orbiting Earth and observe the universe. Meanwhile, their data archives reach dimensions of big data with several tens of parameters describing more observations of cosmic objects (e.g., stars or galaxies). To find new interesting sources and automatically characterize each unidentified source in such a large and complex data set scientists often use machine-learning algorithms. However, due to the size of the data sets, it is rarely possible to clearly visualize the results and the data itself with conventional scatter plots and histograms and evaluate the results visually. Often the mechanism of the machine-learning algorithm remains opaque. This hampers astronomers to understand the relationships and dependencies between physical parameters and gain new knowledge. I was interested in the challenge to visualize a big data set in an interactive and intuitive way to facilitate the visual exploration of its internal structures and relationships. The result is the Virtual Data Cosmos, an interactive data visualization tool in VR which allows scientists to explore their big data sets in an immersive way.

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