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Organisation: Art Academy of Latvia
Name: Ruta Jumite
E-Mail: hi@rutajumite.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: Magazine “Nonprofits & Designers”

Description of Project: There are many not-for-profit organizations with social and ecological goals in Latvia and numerous designers-strategists who work on creating design solutions. However, the collaboration between designers and non-profit organizations is rare, so in this project, I researched to understand the underlying reasons. Is a designer like a hair-dresser, who just decorate things and make them look better? Do the organizations lack an understanding of design methods and designer’s impact, and that tight budgets constrain them? Issue "Designers & Nonprofits" starts a dialog between designers and non-profit organizations in Latvia. The magazine contains both — designer and non-profit organization stories. The representatives of ten organizations tell about their pains and gains and collaboration opportunities with designers. In turn, ten designers share their successful social design case studies in the context of Latvia. The magazine was handed out to both parties and caused surprising results. Firstly, it turned out the organizations were surprised and very interested in design methods as a tool for potentially achieving their goals. Secondly, the designers were interested in working with the organizations after learning that the necessary funding could be provided, and the aims of non-profits are exciting and intellectually challenging. With the first issue of the magazine, I have established a basis for communication and building collaborations between non-profits and designers, who now wants to take the next steps in solving real problems. Even several partnerships have already been established.

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