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Organisation: Università IUAV di Venezia
Name: Patrizia Berardelli
E-Mail: berardellip@gmail.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: Wear with care

Description of Project: Wear with care consists in a smartphone app paired with a browser extension whose main objectives are to raise awareness and to enable sustainable behavior in fashion, turning the moment of buying clothing into a moment of ethical choice, making the user responsible for the care and disposal of items he owns to reduce the environmental impact during use and at the end of life and encouraging new ways to enjoy fashion, such as renting and peer exchange. The app has three main functions: - in the shop, identify through an image recognition software the item of clothing that the user would like to purchase, showing on the one hand an evaluation of its sustainability (relying on third-party partner databases and broke down into factors that can be easily understood by the user, which can also decide what to privilege according to one’s own value system), on the other hand a series of similar but more sustainable alternatives; - Encourage the use of rental services and the peer exchange, highlighting among the alternatives the garments that are available for hire and those that the user’s contacts have put in the exchange section (swap); - Improve the management and awareness of what the user already has, through the virtual wardrobe in which: each garment keeps memorized the instructions of how to take care of it and how and where to dispose of it when it’s time to ; the automatic outfit generator creates combinations of clothes favoring those used less, to extend their use; the Swap section allows to loan or exchange the clothes selected by the user with the list of his contacts, while the rental section helps in the management of timings. The browser extension (designed for online purchase) is automatically activated when the user is on the page of a searched product on his browser, showing the evaluation and a series of alternatives, as the app, with the advantage that the user does not have to remember to use it, because it opens automatically. The positive impacts of the project are numerous: products that do not have a widespread distribution like those of fast-fashion are made accessible and easy to look for; the possibility of comparing alternatives decreases the urgency of purchase, induced (voluntarily) by fast-fashion brands, and therefore the impulse-purchase, encouraging to reflect on each purchase choice; the evaluation system designed to be easy to access but at the same time complete, in-depth and usable by the user according to his needs, enables him to make truly coherent choices with his own values, and being able to rely on information given by third party evaluators bypasses the green washing of companies and the mistrust that follows about what companies say about their products; the Wardrobe section helps to limit over-consumption and the decrease in garment use, as well as the impact of products during and at the end of life, making the user responsible also in the stages following the purchase, thus improving the collection and recycling.

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