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Organisation: Spinform AG
Name: Jürg Brühlmann
E-Mail: design@spinform.ch
Category: Wayshowing

Name of Project: Old Town Zofingen

Description of Project: The old town of Zofingen is one of the most beautiful and best preserved in all of Switzerland. The old town, built according to a uniform plan, is an irregular rectangle and surrounded by a wall and has only a few narrow entrances. Zofingen was able to preserve the historic old town with its winding streets, numerous historic buildings and charming squares. The new signage system should appeal to visitors in a friendly way and invite them to explore the beautiful city on foot. In addition, it should provide information about the numerous sights and show the way to important public facilities. The challenge was to develop a design that fits into the historical context and architecture and nevertheless fulfilling its task as a visitor guidance system. The design of the wayfinding system is characterized by its light, yet stable, frame construction. It is not just a flat board on a wall, but a three-dimensional object itself. The map and the directions are on panels and mounted on all four sides at eye level. And that the panels extend beyond all sides of this frame gives them the look of a distinct and special object as well as more space for the graphic. The city map has three-dimensional simplified landmarks and many points of interest. A circle line tells me how far I can get within a five minutes’ walk. Moreover, it’s a modular System, variable in size and shape. The narrow silhouette of the frame integrates elegantly into the historical cityscape. The red color still stands out and is visible from afar. Its lightweight construction with aluminum square-profiles gives it extra depth and produce a pleasant interplay of light and shadow on surfaces and on the cobblestone pavement. Good readability thanks to high-contrast colors and a distinct font. The landmarks do not need an explanation and the directions are easily understood. The inhabitants of the city like their new wayfinding system. The city administration is planning to expand it to the entire city area.

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