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Organisation: Spinform AG
Name: Jürg Brühlmann
E-Mail: design@spinform.ch
Category: Wayshowing

Name of Project: Zurich Central Library

Description of Project: The daylight free book magazine in the basement beneath the basement, with a book inventory of 62 kilometers, 947 meters and 20 centimeters is expanding by the day. With over 6 million documents and more than half a million visitors a year, it is one of the largest Swiss libraries. Requirements included: taking into account the existing corporate Designs, no particular architectural changes (wall / floor / ceiling) and furthermore the maintenance has to be performed by qualified in-house staff only. Spinform has the finding of the books in the freely accessible inventory of the Zurich Central Library reorganized and redesigned. It is designed as a purely analog system. We tested variants of the new signage system on a 1:1 scale and received very good feedback from visitors and staff. The core of the new orientation system is the overview plan, which we have abstracted strongly. With an optimized contrast of color and font, the plan ensures better legibility in the daylight-free rooms of the basements. In addition, it was necessary to redesign and reduce the amount of the wide range of different types of signs and constructions. Due to magnetic attachment to the steel shelves, the new mounting is absolutely simple and hassle-free. All parts of the system are easily and rapidly interchangeable and if necessary replaceable. To the delight of 500,000 users per year, the orientation system has proven itself right from the beginning and is very well accepted by users and visitors. Additionally, the new system makes it easier for visitors to orient themselves at the basement and find the books they want quicker.

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