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Organisation: Placemarque
Name: Guy Warren
E-Mail: info@placemarque.com
Category: Wayshowing

Name of Project: Eastbourne Town Centre & Devonshire Quarter

Description of Project: Major public realm improvements planned for Eastbourne created a need for a new pedestrian signage and wayfinding system to help visitors engage with the new-look town centre. Historically, Eastbourne has been a challenging place to navigate with counterintuitive topography that requires visitors to walk up hill to reach the seafront. We used public and stakeholder consultations to understand the barriers to connectivity and what was needed to drive footfall to other parts of the town, encourage exploration and ensure visitors see more of what the town has to offer. In response to the consultation exercise, we developed a full wayfinding masterplan for the town, setting out a pedestrian route network, and a hierarchy and sequencing of directional information. We developed a family of directional signs including internally illuminated map signs, totems and fingerposts. It will be installed in stages as the town’s public realm is upgraded.

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