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Organisation: Two Twelve
Name: Shi-Anne Shakes
E-Mail: sshakes@twotwelve.com
Category: Didactics

Name of Project: Lown Institute, “Medication Overload: America’s Other Drug Problem”

Description of Project: The Lown Institute is a nonprofit with the mission of advancing bold ideas for a just and caring health system. In an effort to gain a grant for its national strategy and action plan, the Lown Institute needed to organize and develop a framing paper that would examine the scope, harms, and drivers of the medication overload crisis. Working alongside the Lown Institute and a brand consultant, Two Twelve served as design-thinking consultant to support the Institute’s initiative to garner support and awareness surrounding the need for polypharmacy’s reduction. We worked with the Lown project team on gathering information and developing the direction of communications to effectively convey the dangerous rise in the number of medications taken by older Americans. We then designed the graphics and layout to most effectively present the information. The resulting comprehensive report was published in April 2019 and acts as a persuasive call to action. The Lown Institute was equipped to engage a wide audience of pharmacies, clinicians and clinician specialty groups, patients, patient advocacy groups, and families/caregivers in order to communicate the message of harmful polypharmacy and create a sense of urgency to get the public involved.

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