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Organisation: designgruppe koop
Name: Andreas Koop
E-Mail: info@designgruppe-koop.de
Category: Social affairs

Name of Project: Exhibition: »People Country Escape«

Description of Project: To create a special exhibition in the historic Marstall (stables) of Kempten on the not easy topic of escape, migration, integration ... It’s about the reasons and ways of escape, of walking away – and arriving. The loss of home and the search, finding and regaining of a new home. What was the solution? The exhibition design is spatial, classically didactic, interactive and sensual. Accompanied by a work-in-progress character. Pictures and texts are shown on banners in the style of a demonstration. As an additional level, the smartphone plays an important role – in the escape as a connection to family and homeland, in the exhibition to get to know the protagonists. First you choose a person and follow the trail on the floor, overcome obstacles, get information – and by using the smartphone you get more videos, facts, audio files ... Identification becomes possible, empathize ... In the end, the »video tunnel« and a room for reflection waits: A bullet is pulled from an old chewing gum machine, and a personal question is made ... What was the effect? The exhibition draws much attention to the fact that flight is omnipresent. It is a thought-provoking exhibition, with a reduced but insistent communication design so that visitors have an easy access to a topic splitting of the society. The feedback was very positive and the participation was overwhelming. They noted their thoughts and opinions, pinned them on the wall, the next visitor answered, (dis-) liked ...

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