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Organisation: designgruppe koop
Name: Andreas Koop
E-Mail: info@designgruppe-koop.de
Category: Didactics

Name of Project: Exhibition: »Museum Illertissen«

Description of Project: What was the challenge? The small town of Illertissen wanted to redesign their local museum. It took a lot of persuasiveness as some members of the local historical society were skeptical towards a contemporary implementation for a long time. But the request of the Cultural Office of Illertissen was creating a new visual appearance. What was the solution? Together with a historian, we developed a concept that focused on people – so the story of a city is the sum of people’s »coming and going«. Biography steles are therefore a consistent element – as well as the children’s cubes. At the beginning an »object-planet« awaits with countless exhibits, then comes the interactive archive wall: drawers trigger projections onto the pictures, films etc. are integrated … at the very end the »Kempter-Kabinett« is dedicated to the Illertisser painter, with a bay window and the opportunity to draw and exhibit yourself. Wars, migration, crafts and industry … everything is addressed in the other rooms. Playful, visual, staged and sensitive. A separate children’s level with closeness to the spatial themes is completing the permanent exhibition. What was the effect? Overall concept of the new Museum Illertissen are people. The focus on stories with a personal connotation runs like a golden thread through the museum. Locals as well as classes and tourists discover the story of Illertissen’s townspeople in a very new light. Thereby they see the city with different eyes.

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