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Organisation: User Design, Illustration and Typesetting
Name: Thomas Bohm
E-Mail: info@userdesignillustrationandtypesetting.com
Category: Corporate design and communications

Name of Project: Landmark Planning 2019 website redesign

Description of Project: Landmark Planning is a high quality niche town planning consultancy based in Leicester, United Kingdom, operating throughout the Midlands area. Their website https://www.landmarkplanning.co.uk was designed in 2002, and was in use until the end of 2018 (1st version). In 2019 Thomas Bohm (Director of User Design, Illustration and Typesetting) worked with Landmark Planning once again to redesign their website, producing their 2nd version (running from 2019 onwards), which would be fit for their users, potential new clients, and the future. There were many design improvements, fixes and much optimization done of the 2nd version website. We were careful to not radically redesign the 2nd version website, possibly losing the good bits of the 1st version website. Many improvements were made to the structure of website, text and editorial quality, typographic design, accessibility, usability and technological advances. We used a range of methods to highlight designs faults, such as: employee questionnaires, meetings, direct in person evaluation, onsite auditing with people, and many meetings. The result was a highly optimized website, robust, which gives Landmark Planning every chance of success with its users, and getting new million pound planning projects.

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