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Organisation: Sägenvier DesignKommunikation
Name: Sigi Ramoser
E-Mail: ramoser@saegenvier.at
Category: Wayshowing

Name of Project: Rathaus Quartier Lustenau

Description of Project: The Town Hall District of Lustenau, a Market Town in the Federal State Vorarlberg, consists of three different buildings: the Town Hall (built in 1958), the Building Administration (built in 1993) and the Villa (built in 1910). In terms of architectural history, post-war modernism, Modern and Heimat style meet here. Beyond all time axes, our orientation system combines this diversity with the means of signage and scenography into a modern service district for the citizens of Lustenau. All access paths are equipped with rectangular steles that show where to find what. Digital screens perform several tasks: Orientation, time indication and event information. The shaped to cut typography of the individual levels leads visitors modestly elegant. In contrast, tarnish and privacy protection provide a scenographic element: cultural and scenic sites along the Rhine river line symbolize the location and connectedness of Lustenau with this huge European river.

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