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Organisation: Applied Wayfinding
Name: Louise Carlsen
E-Mail: Louise@appliedwayfinding.com
Category: Wayshowing

Name of Project: Sentosa Island

Description of Project: Sentosa Island is Singapore’s premier resort destination for locals and tourists. The 500-hectare Island welcomes close to twenty million visitors per year and attractions include three beaches, heritage buildings such as Fort Siloso, two golf courses, extreme sports, the Merlion tower, 16 hotels, and the Resorts World Sentosa with Universal Studios theme park. Regardless of being a world-class destination, the existing wayfinding system had become ad-hoc and ineffective, with competing demands from stakeholders. Applied, was appointed to deliver a wayfinding system that enhanced the visitor experience while reflecting the brand objectives of the Sentosa Development Corporation. Applied began the project by spending an extended period of time conducting stakeholder meetings and working groups with internal and external stakeholders, conducting site visits, and holding informal interviews with visitors. At the end of this phase, Applied delivered an Observations & Insights report, which found the following: -A disconnect between destinations on the island, that many perceived places to be much further in distance than in reality, and subsequently were discouraged from fully exploring the island. -A lack of real-time information to help visitors make informed choices for moving around the island. -Languages had been inconsistently dealt with producing mixed messages and ad-hoc appearance of languages other than English. -The arrival points did not provide a welcoming experience and did not provide adequate wayfinding information. Information was overwhelming, inaccurate and hard to understand. To help solve these issues for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers Applied designed an extensive sign family for the island including vehicular, public transport, pedestrian and cycling signage. Beach and trail signs promote walking and cycling, encouraging exploration of every part of the island.

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