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Organisation: Design studio H2E
Name: Inguna Elere
E-Mail: info@h2e.lv
Category: Corporate design and communications

Name of Project: City of Liepāja info graphics

Description of Project: The task of the design was to enable the Latvian city of Liepāja to communicate its uniqueness, socio-economic status, accomplishments and set goals more memorably. We offered to create a uniform communication package for use in printed and digital media, which would wittily highlight the quality of the city from various aspects, thus promoting Liepāja as a cultural and tourism destination. Visualizing Liepāja, we converted statistics into infographics representing the city. 12 infographics showcase the city via a uniform communication package including calendars and digital animations online. Visually, the infographics reflect the city’s existing identity. Each graphic hides a red dot - a starting point not a full stop, and a catalyst for new ideas and the unique year to come. Laconic data visualizations reveal facts, but leave room for the imagination – the city’s trademark wind revives data about Rožu Square and its 1,000 flowers, the sea nearby and its ever changing waves, and Liepāja’s Art Nouveau buildings, etc. Witty copy begs the question - what connect facts that would otherwise just be dry statistics. The infographics are widely used in the city’s communication for 2020, explaining its current situation and conveying a message for the future. The calendar is a great gift for visitors and is appealing to local residents. In turn, digital animations showcase the city via social media and presentations.

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