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Organisation: Vollmer Design
Name: Yoshiko Tajima
E-Mail: yoshiko@vollmer-design.com
Category: Social affairs

Name of Project: Koto City Offi cial Tourist Map

Description of Project: Koto city may only be one of many parts of central Tokyo but it is home to a wide variety of interest points for tourists. We try to create a map that gives the character and appeal of Koto City an opportunity to entice tourists to spend more time there. For example, Koto city contains many venues for the upcoming Olympic games, and there are new cafe areas in old town which attract a young international crowd. You can also find traditional food such as Fukagawa-meshi restaurants, public bathhouses (Sento) and plenty of cherry blossoms in the spring. To help identify landmarks we used green parks, river, sea, and building shapes to help give an orientation. Some icons of tourist spots also help to provide geographical perspective. These landmarks and icons help make the maps charming. This printed free map leaflet will be distributed at information tourist offices and the demand will be high. The Maps are updated information and reprinted every year.

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