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Name: Kenichi Hirate
E-Mail: k_hirate@teradadesign.com
Category: Corporate design and communications

Name of Project: Reception Room of Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. Head Office

Description of Project: This is a signage design for reception room of Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. Head Office. As one of our corporate images, stamps are used to create a decorative ceiling graphic that are extensively installed over an entire room. Usually, equipment is installed on office ceilings and it is something that does not stand out, but by providing gigantic ceiling graphics, we have attempted to give our visitors a sense of astonishment. In addition, despite these ceilings being for an indoor space, they can also be seen when outside, so they also function as signages that display our corporate presence in our neighborhood. The graphics use the same pixel ratio for stamps to provide an abstract representation, and it also takes into account how they are viewed based on the viewing distance. By making the pixel resolution grainy, the art on the stamps can clearly be seen from crosswalks and the plaza outside, as well as from the front desk of the reception office, but inside the reception rooms, they merely look like large pixel patterns, making it easier to concentrate on meetings. The colors used for the pixels are our three corporate colors of red, blue, and green, and different brightness and the overlapping of colors creates the appearance of the stamp. By dividing them up into zones based on their color, they also function as guidance signs. Additionally, by minutely adjusting the size and position of the pixels, along with each of the equipment and glass partitions, it maintains the continuity of the graphics, reasonably unifying the sign graphics with the rooms. By making stamps into ceiling graphics, it induces conversations between our employees and visitors who come from all over Japan and countries from around the world. There are so many topics that can be talked about, such as about the stamps, colors, and Maejima Hisoka. Even for people meeting for the first time, there will inevitably be a conversation about them, which will allow for the meeting to progress smoothly. Likewise, due to the effects from the lighting that illuminate the ceilings, the lit up ceilings at night gives this Tokyo office neighborhood a more gentler appearance, and this also becomes one part of the new scenery in town.

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