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Organisation: Two Twelve
Name: Shi-Anne Shakes
E-Mail: sshakes@twotwelve.com
Category: Didactics

Name of Project: Commercial Waste Zones Report

Description of Project: In 2018, Two Twelve worked with the New York City Department of Sanitation to produce an engaging and accessible document that addresses commercial waste zones and the department’s plan to radically reform the current system of private carting in the five boroughs. Capitalizing on our expertise in information design, Two Twelve developed a document that highlights key information and employs maps, charts, and infographics to illustrate the findings of an in-depth analysis of the current system. The thoughtful application of graphic elements strengthens the department’s argument in favor of a streamlined approach to commercial waste zones, and highlights both the opportunities of the proposed plan and the inefficiencies of the current system. The final report acted as a call to action and educational tool targeted towards New York City Council members. The report proved to be a success, as the bill for a safer, more organized system was signed into law in October 2019.

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