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Organisation: Two Twelve
Name: Shi-Anne Shakes
E-Mail: sshakes@twotwelve.com
Category: Didactics

Name of Project: 2019 Voters Guide

Description of Project: New York City´s Campaign Finance Board is responsible for encouraging 5 million eligible voters to participate in upcoming elections through voter guides. For the first time in history, an election law introduced early voting to New Yorkers, tightening the timeframe for designing and producing an information tool that demands clarity to communicate effectively. The tool was essential for informing voters and encouraging an early voting habit by engaging and empowering people to sort, process, and understand the guide quickly and clearly for the Primary and November General Election. The 32-page document outlines important dates and voter rights, illustrates step-by-step instructions for marking your ballot, explains the City’s matching funds program, introduces the candidates running for office, and summarizes ballot proposals and what they will mean for New York residents. For our team, distinguishing between types of content was a top priority. Two Twelve’s designers developed a consistent visual style for election-specific content, differentiating information that requires voters’ immediate attention from more general information. Two Twelve established a clear, consistent identity for the most pertinent information, utilizing bold blue text for headlines and highlighting key text in red. Supplementary information provides context on voters’ rights and resources for additional information, and it is presented throughout the document in brightly-colored boxes, each with its own visual identity. This content is eye-catching, but distinct in style from the information that directly addresses the upcoming election, candidates, and ballot measures. The new design delivers the updated, user-friendly look the NYC Campaign Finance Board was after. It also provides a functional framework for future editions.

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