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Organisation: School of Design/Massey University
Name: klaus kremer
E-Mail: k.kremer@massey.ac.nz
Category: Emergency / Safety

Name of Project: floodscape – your personal escape plan

Description of Project: This design project uses the capacity of communication design to deliver clearer information about tsunamis to the general public. It uses animated information graphics and mobile media in the design of an educational tool for tsunami awareness. With this mobile app the user is enabled to gather relevant information of inundation zones and inherent danger in a personalised, timely and local context. This application is split in to two sections, education (dormant) and warning (active). The neutral, educational state allows the user to explore an interactive map and trigger various simulated scenarios that may occur in a real event, thus creating awareness and serving as a call to action for preparation. A supplement to already existing educational material, the application is also intended to work as a warning device using GPS to indicate the closest escape route for the user and the device location for first responder. This warning stage emphasises an unambiguous interface design focusing on the needs of a user in distress. Clear and linear instructions will guide the user through all stages from the initial warning to a stripped down and fast way for post event communication with relatives, neighbours and emergency services. Additionally, the individual location data can be gathered and plotted on maps to assist in identifying areas in need of attention

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