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Organisation: Kunstuniversität Linz
Name: Tina Frank
E-Mail: tina.frank@ufg.at
Category: Research

Name of Project: Wiener Melange – Who lives where in Vienna?

Description of Project: How can we map the population of Vienna by showing the residential mix by place of birth in Vienna’s municipal and census districts: Vienna, other Austrian provinces and from abroad. On this poster, we provide two maps based on the ternary color coding scheme, “Tricolore”, developed by Jonas Schöley and Ilya Kashnitsky. The composition of people living in municipal or census districts can be read by their colour encodings. The legend shows each district as a small black dot mapped by the deviation in direction and magnitude from the centrepoint of the ternary color legend, which represents Vienna’s average residential mix. The three base colours of Johannes Itten’s colour circle – red, yellow and blue – are taught to every child at school. We know by heart that green is the mixture of yellow and blue, while the mixture of yellow and red results in orange, and mixing the colours blue and red creates violet. The colours show the number of people of a certain origin. The more yellow a district, the more people from other Austrian provinces have been living there on January 1, 2018. Red indicates people born in Vienna and the more blue is shown in the colour mix, the more people born abroad have been living in the district. The city of Vienna produced the maps of the residential mix as a poster to show, that Vienna is a diverse city with a little less than 50% of its population born in Vienna. The spatial patterns allow many interesting interpretations. On the two maps those four districts were highlighted and briefly explained which show the average or extreme values.

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