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Organisation: Atelier Mariacher
Name: Christian Mariacher
E-Mail: christian@ateliermariacher.at
Category: Products and Services

Name of Project: Map for TiBS

Description of Project: What was the challenge? The ‘Tiroler Bildungsservice’ (TiBS) is a regional institution in the Tyrol which ­offers a broad range of services for teachers and schools, including online-­platforms and general IT topics, coaching etc. As both-, the structure and vast field of work of ‘TiBS’ is difficult to communicate, the main interest of the briefing was just that: making the benefits clear the institution has to offer. What was the solution? Rather than producing a standard information booklet we decided to depict these things in terms of a fantasy map. This folded A3-sized map was wraped in a four-page A4-sized folder. The latter was preprinted with contacts and further information plus an empty field to be printed on by the client. This bundle could be holed and placed into a regular A4+ sized binder. What was the effect? This unusual presentation created emotionally strong reactions which ranged from baffled rejection of the idea to plain delight. At any rate, a strong emotional reaction to the products of a service institution like this is more than we could have hoped for compared to the alternative of setting up a ‘normal’ information folder.

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