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Organisation: Two Twelve
Name: Shi-Anne Shakes
E-Mail: sshakes@twotwelve.com
Category: Healthcare

Name of Project: Penn Medicine

Description of Project: Recognized annually as one of the nation’s top ten hospitals by US News & World Report, Penn Medicine is dedicated to the discoveries that advance science as well as its combined missions of research, education, clinical care, and community service to improve the health and well-being of its neighborhoods, city, and the world. Furthering its mission, Penn Medicine engaged Two Twelve to develop a comprehensive wayfinding strategy that improves the patient and visitor experience while reinforcing its brand. Driven by the patient and visitor experience as guiding principle, Two Twelve conducted a comprehensive, immersive audit of existing conditions across the campus. From there, Two Twelve stewarded a pilot wayfinding program that redefined the mental map of the campus. In addressing the needs of the organization, Two Twelve’s new Standards Manual of branded signs has been implemented across the campus. The designs developed for the campus will also extend the Penn Medicine brand to newly expanded facilities. Two Twelve’s work for Penn Medicine has resulted in the implementation of a wayfinding strategy that enhances its flagship hospital and campus, and has been extended to improve the patient and guest experience at its other campuses. Within the Penn Medicine network, wayfinding signage now eases navigation throughout the campus, reduces patient and visitor stress, and creates a positive connection between Penn Medicine and its customers – a signage program that is as functional for the operations of the organization as it is useful to the community it serves.

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