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Organisation: florianmatthias
Name: Florian Gapp
E-Mail: florian@florianmatthias.com
Category: Editorial

Name of Project: Antonia phonetics

Description of Project: Antonia Phonetics is a phonetic typeface that was developed as a close interplay of linguistics and typography as well as science and aesthetics. Since the 1920s the philology institute in Innsbruck is successfully documenting german dialects in the phonetic transcription called Teuthonista. Characters from the Latin and Greek alphabets as well as completely newly developed symbols are used as notation of basic sounds. Combining (diacritical) characters above and below the base character convey phonetic graduations. Furthermore signs can be bracketed and set as be super- or subscript. This complexity allows for an efficient and phonetically accurate transcript of spoken language on paper, however in times of increasing digitalisation this can be a daunting task. Therefore the fully digital font Antonia Phonetics was developed. With its comprehensive character inventory compound characters can easily and intuitively be typed and transcripted systematically.

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