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Organisation: designgruppe koop
Name: Andreas Koop
E-Mail: info@designgruppe-koop.de
Category: Research

Name of Project: Publication: »Schön und gut« by Andreas Koop

Description of Project: What was the challenge? The publication is about values which are a very diffuse term in relation to design. What have values to do with design? Why do we need values when we design something? I wanted to bring my thoughts and my engagement with this topic on paper ... In a way that should be inspiring and entertaining. But also with insistence – showing the necessity to think and act on one’s own responsibility. What was the solution? My motivation writing a book on the value of design was high. I saw the need for the topic in my daily work in the graphic studio and as lecturer. The subheading »what changes by value-based design« is already the main conclusion... What potential capacity has design when it is not the executive of marketing? Design should make sense and should create a benefit. The general aspect should be that it is good for everyone – not only for the client. So the book is dealing first with the question why value-based design is necessary for our society. And in a second step examples are given. They propose how one can rethink processes as a designer ... What was the effect? Finally, after six years of work, the book appeared in May 2019. The book attracts a lot of attention and interest – and is probably going to get the »standard work« for value-based design. Due to the book inquiries for lectures are very high in the last year.

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