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Organisation: University of North, Koprivnica
Name: Vanja Šok
E-Mail: vanja.sok@gmail.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: Music Biennale Zagreb 2015

Description of Project: Music Biennale Zagreb is an international festival of contemporary music founded in 1961. During the festival which takes place every other year in April, Zagreb is transformed into cultural centre to which composers, music critics, best musicians, and contemporary music and arts lovers from the region and Europe gravitate. The festival has a strong response as well as an incentive in its own environment. Completely dedicated to the new music, including the “living Classics” of contemporary music and the new generation of composers from all over the world, Music Biennale programmes include projects from symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles, experimental musical theatre, contemporary dance, jazz, electronics to alternative music scene. For my college assigment in the second year of Promotional design course (mentors: doc. Igor Kuduz, doc. Niko Mihaljević and doc. Andro Giunio) I‘ve had to make a project – my own vision of the promotional materials and visual identity for the Festival of Music Biennale Zagreb 2015. The festival takes place on a different location in the city, the programme goes on for a whole day for one week. The exisisting materials and visual identity for the festival that year didn‘t give consumer a chance to realize what is where, locations were very mixed and the programme of the festival was very confusing for the future visitiors. Programme and locations were made seperately so I decided to make it unique, more approachable and recognizable for the future readers and visitors of the Festival. The visual identity had to combine places and programmes all in one so that the future visitor could have all in one – location, information and recognizable visual of the Festival. This design is composed of two posters, a brochure, bag, folder and animated GIF and all elements are based on informative graphic image showing points (locations) where different programmes of Music Biennale take place. By connecting all the points a recognizable visual is created that evokes rhythm, dynamics, sense of music and movement.The used typography on all visuals is Calibre.

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