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Organisation: Metropolitan Autonomous University, Cuajimalpa
Name: Alfredo Jimenez
E-Mail: alfredojmz1@gmail.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: Zhēng Duó!

Description of Project: As a former student of Chinese as a foreign language, I found it difficult to understand all the complexity of such a language due to its differences in structure or syntax with Spanish. Slowly, I realized that the first steps to learning Chinese could be done through the understanding of the characters (Chinese writing). Now, as a student of information visualization, I decided to design resources for learning and teaching Chinese, to make it easier for new learners. Radicals are the elemental structure units of characters. Based on radicals and their recognition, I proposed a boardgame: Zhēng Duó! (‘to scramble’ or ‘to contest’). In this game, players use tiles to make sentences, or tiles arrangement using the radicals at the back of the tiles. Colors and shapes are used to differentiate nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, measure words, and particles.

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