International Institute for Information Design (IIID)

The International Institute for Information Design (IIID) is based in Vienna, Austria and its main concern is to contribute to a better understanding within the human community with respect to cultural and economic issues by means of improved visual and other forms of communication. IIID believes that data transformed into high-quality information empower people to attain goals. In other words, how to get the right information, at the right time, to the people who need it, in a form they understand and enables them to achieve a specific outcome.

IIIID is dependent on its international network of members and friends to promote information design, develop it as an interdisciplinary field of knowledge and professional practice, to carry out research and educate. This practice is continued for the IIID Awards by teaming up with the following organizations:

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designaustria (DA) is Austriaís only professional association and service organization representing the interests of designers from all the creative disciplines ñ graphic design and illustration, product design, and web design.

The association was founded as early as 1927 als Bund ÷sterreichischer Gebrauchsgraphiker (B÷G). Outstanding artistsí personalities, such as the illustrator Alfred Kubin, the typographer Rudolf von Larisch, and Joseph Binder, a pioneer of modern Austrian graphic design, numbered among its members. Today, renowned designers such as Stefan Sagmeister or Cordula Alessandri continue this tradition.

In 1992 the association opened up to embrace also other fields of design, apart from graphics. This was due to an increasingly interdisciplinary professional approach and because of the fact that individual creative processes are at the basis of all design activity. Today, Design Austria has some 1,300 members from all design disciplines, most of whom work as freelance designers.

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Sign Design Association Japan

The need for appropriate information and efficient management of our environment has increased in recent years as cities have become more international and complex. Recognizing this trend, the SDA has been contributing to the improvement and promotion of sign designs since its establishment in April, 1965.

The SDA consists of a variety of members such as sign designers, interior designers, graphic designers, lighting designers, architectural designers and landscape designers as well as organizations such as educational facilities, research institutions and associated industries. This implies that the inspiration for sign designs comes from various fields and attracts attention from various design disciplines.

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Design Intelligence Award

Design Intelligence Award (DIA) is an international industrial design award hosted by China Academy of Art. It is a contemporary innovative design platform established in 2015 for the evaluation, promotion and collaboration of design, also a world-wide interdisciplinary competition encompassing art, technology and commerce and serving as the catalyst for the transformation of original ideas into materialized profit and the actualization of future innovation.

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Taiwan Design Center

Creative design is the key to the upgrading of national competitiveness. To promote the development of the cultural and creative industry, the government in 2003 had established Taiwan Design Center, a national design center. Taiwan Design Center became officially operational in 2004.
Taiwan Design Center has been positioned as an integrated platform to promote creative design. Its main mission is to upgrade original creativity of Taiwanese designers, promote international design exchanges, upgrade market competitiveness of Taiwanese industries, help enterprises build up their own brand, raise value-added of the said industries, and tell the world that the era of ìDesigned in Taiwanî has come.

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ico-D endorsement

Zico-D is a world body for professional design. It is a non-profit, non-partisan, member-based network of independent organisations and stakeholders working within the multidisciplinary scope of design. Founded in 1963, Icograda actively promotes the value of design practice, thinking, education, research and policy, representing more than 200 organisations in 67 countries and regions globally.

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novum: Media Partner

novum ñ World of Graphic Design is a monthly magazine featuring the best in contemporary graphic design, illustration, photo design, corporate design and typography. novum also spotlights new talents and the latest trends. It presents a balanced mix of visions for the future and state-of-the-art design ñ to inspire all creatives in the world of international graphic and communication design.
Each month the novum plus section takes a close look at a different field of design such as typography, paper, book design or illustration. The individual themes are looked at from the point of view of technical experts, clients and designers, making novum an even more collectible and valuable source of reference for all those involved in design.

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Federal Chancellery of Austria


Supported by
the Arts and Culture Division of the Federal Chancellery of Austria

Take on a Patronage

Choose a category you feel dedicated to, become a patron and
ï be part of the award ceremony
ï see your profile and interview with you online and in the IIIDaward book
ï solidify your position in and demonstrate you support for information design disciplines
ï receive a complementary IIID membership for 2015
ï become part of the international network and have access to experts and projects

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Co-brand the Grand-Prix award

In addition to the benefits of a patron, you will co-brand the entire IIIDaward.

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Be part of the IIID-Directory

On the occasion of the WorldExpo 2015 in Milan a directory of professionals - companies, experts, organisations and educational institutions - in information design will be published and distributed. For your entry please use the attached template.

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