Reasons to Submit

According to the ico-d regulations the IIIDaward is aimed at evaluating and recognising existing work. The purpose is to illustrate and define current benchmarks, and to highlight leading social, cultural and economic markers that may influence future design
The IIIDaward is a stage for students and professionals in research and application to show the development and potential of informations design as a contribution to contemporary issues and topics.

1. Download the template for your entry

Please download here the template for your entry.

Feel free to design it according to your needs, with text, diagrams and images, just please stay within the grid and the Univers Font and answer the three questions. Thank you.

>> template in Indesignformat
>> template as PDF

2. Submission Guidelines

What to consider when creating your submission:

1) Information design projects published, completed, finished, realized up to 2020.

2) Submission can be made by either the designer or client.

3) The entry fee is valid for a single project in a single category.
A project can be entered in multiple categories, but each category submission must be entered individually with the accompanying fee.

4) Submissions to be written in English.

5) Be aware of the submission deadline, no late entries will be accepted.

6) The submission procedure is not complete until payment has been received /confirmed.
Please submit your proposal to the category that you feel is the most appropriate. If you have questions about which category to enter, please ask.

7) Submission Procedure
Prepare your PDF submission after reviewing the submission form on the IIIDaward website. Submissions are limited to the 2 page PDF format. No additional material may be submitted.
You information prepared, access the online submission system below, complete the necessary data entry and upload your PDF file.
Complete the payment procedure (online payment or bank transfer)
Once your payment has been received, you will receive a receipt for payment and an email confirming your submission is complete. Beginning with September-10, your submission will also be made accessible via the IIIDaward website and on Facebook.

8) Entry Fee 2020
Entry fees, per project are as follows:
General ñ Euro 120

IIID Members ñ Euro 80
Students ñ Euro 30 (ONLY for submission to the Student Work category)

9) Award Costs
If your entry is one of the winners or shortlisted projects in each category, you agree to the award costs of 190,- Euro per submission, which includes the certificate,, the entry in the awardbook, the winners online gallery, the presentation within the IIIDaward exhibition, and the use of the IIIDaward-2020-label. Awards costs are not applied on the category Student Work.

10) Submit your Entry
Please use the template and submitt your entry - max. 2 pages as a PDF-file.
If you want that your entry is displayed on the IIIDaward website an on facebook, please provide us with an additional jpg-file (600 x 300 pixel, landscape) and a short text about your project. Thank you.

Focus of the Call for Submissions

The IIID award will recognize outstanding work done in the field. The breadth of information design has led us to develop 15 categories of awards, focused on specific topic areas. They include:

Information design that makes physical, social and mental well-being possible.

Submissions should focus on money matters including: economics, personal financial management, banking and investments.

Navigation in unfamiliar environments.

Traffic and Public Transport
Ensuring people get where they need to go by foot, underground, bike, car, bus, airplane, boat...

Social Affairs
Projects that make a positive, tangible, impact on a specific population.

Emergency / Safety
Ensuring hazards are properly identified and avoided, and the consequences when they're not.

Corporate Design and Communications
Helping companies/businesses to fully and completely express themselves and what they have to offer.

Projects that focus on educational or instructional information design.

Products and Services
Projects making products and services accessible, understandable and beneficial for the users.

Submission related to media, journalism and writing.

Universal Design
Information design that creates an inclusive environment.

Future Concepts
New and innovative projects. Something that makes us wish we had thought of it first!

Methods and tools for information design.

Focused on the relevance of ecological issues and impact on natural resources as well as "green" design practices for information design.

Student Work
Open to those who are studying to be information designers with no restriction on the theme of the submission.


1. Can I submit to more than one category?
Yes, you can submit to as many categories as you like. However, each submission must be done individually, and you must pay the entry fee for each.†

2. Which category should I submit to?
Which ever category you feel best reflects your submission. You can submit to more than one category, if you like (see above). If you are unsure, please contact us.

3. Do I have to come to Vienna if I want to receive my award?
We would love to have everyone come to Vienna, but realize it might not be possible. Award winners will receive their award, regardless of whether or not they are present at the award ceremony.

4. How much does it cost to submit?
120,- Euro per submitted project, (80,- for IIID members), 30,- for entries in the student work category,
Awards costs of 190,- will applied only to the winners and shortlisted projects in all categories except the student works

5. If the awards are posted online, won't the judges know who submitted what? Then the evaluation will no longer be anonymous...
True, but there are a few reasons to do it this way:
a) Promoting the submissions online is one advantage of the IIIDawards and advances awareness about information design and the submissions.
b) Our judges are evaluating the submissions based on defined criteria, which doesn't include how much they like or know about an entrant. We trust that our evaluation team will make their decision based on the quality of the projects, and because short-listed finalists are reviewed by more than one jury member, personal opinion is balanced by the group decision making process.

6. Why a template?
As an informationdesigner we expect that you can describe your project within 2 pages, please use the template, which will enable us to handle a immediate production and handling of the IIIDaward-book. Please answer within the template the following questions:
- What was the challenge?
- What was the solution?
- What was the effect?
For your entry please feel free to use the two pages according to your needs, as long you stay within the grid.
Thank you.

For any question please don¥t hesitate to contact me:

by phone: +43 6991 5269190


>> mail to Martin Foessleitner

Timeline 2020

submission deadline until 30 April 2020

31 May 2020: shortlist and winners will be announced

Guidelines, Terms & Conditions

By submitting your project to the IIID Awards, you agree to terms and conditions outlined in the call for entries. Submissions will not be returned and will become property of the IIID and may be used for promotional purposes in accordance with the aims of IIID.

3.1 Upload for Professionals

.Your entry as a professional designer/organisation

Attractiveness and elegance, well understandable and easily applicable information.
Whatever you may be, as long as your designed information serves a purpose and is beneficial for the user.

Please note: Max. file size is 5MB. Thank You.


3.2 Upload for IIID-Members

Your entry as professional /strong>†

It is the opportunity show up, with your best works and projects for the sake of the discipline of information design, presented to the entire worldwide design community.

Please note: Max. file size is 5MB. Thank You.


3.3 Upload in the category "Student Work"

Your entry in the category student work

Open to those who are studying to be or act as information designers regardless the discipline of the faculty with no restriction on the theme of the submission.

Please note: Max. file size is 5MB. Thank You.


4. Payment

By Banktransfer:
If you do not wish to pay by credit card,†
please transfer the fee to High Performance Vienna,
handling the organisation on behalf of IIID:

High-Performance-Vienna GmbH

Lindengasse 56/18-19

1070 Wien
 / Austria

55 1500 0044 0101 1244
If the name of your bank account does not identify you personally, please make sure you give your name in the field for the intended purpose of the transaction.

You will receive an invoice, when the transfer is completed.

Payments by PayPal/Creditcard:

>> Professional Entry: Euro 120,-
>> Discounted Entry Euro 80,-
>> Entry in the Category Student Work Euro 30,-

5. Your Entry on the Web

Obviously, you are proud of your work and we feel it deserves some attention. And while we can only have one winner, all shortlisted submissions will be promoted in the gallery on the IIIDaward website. Entries will be searchable via submitter and category.

7. The Award

1 Grand Prix Winner
1 Jury Prize
15 Category Awards Gold, Silver, Bronze, Shortlistes
1 Editors Choice
1 Special Recognition
1 Special Award for Action on Climate Change

All of them will be published in the IIIDaward 2020 book.

The announcement at the IIID Vision Plus conference 2020.
Your personal copy of the IIIDawardbook
The IIIDaward exhibition on tour.
A IIID membership 2020 for the winners in a category.
You are entitled to use the IIIDaward label for the next 3 years.