If you missed the deadline, and still want to join, please get in touch with us. Thank You

>> for late submitters please contact Martin

Jury Meeting

Either as planned during a two days meeting, or in a very intensive online session. All ten jury members from around the world will carefully look at all submissions to discover the masterworks, talents and hidden jewels in information design

The IIIDaward Book 2020

The edition of 2020 will be a very thick one. All awarded projects will receive a printed copy, the book will be sent to many institutions and companies, and for the rest of the world, the will be a free PDF for download at issuu.

The IIIDaward2020 Tour 2020-2022

It will be the most extended and most intensive IIIDaward tour ever. It will start in Vienna, go to Latvia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Belarus, Germany, Poland and many other destinations.

If you have any opportunity to show the IIIDawards in your company, university, institution, please drop a note. Thank you for your support.

>> for any ideas and suggestions please e-mail me

Two questions and a visual

visual by http://keratill.com/ thanks to you and Giuseppe Attoma

How can we make the IIIDaward a pleasure, benefit and contribution to all submitters and the public?

And as Giuseppe Attoma send us this excellent visual form an unknown artist, maybe you also have seen some nice information design in this crazy times?


Category Emergency: COVID-19 Projects

Extraordinary times require extraordinary activities. Reflecting the current situation of COVID-19 around the world, the IIIDawards dedicated its emergency category to COVID-19 projects. Any designs of infographics, dashboards, measurements of protection or public understanding are very welcomed, to show what is the contribution of information design.

The IIID Award celebrating our best work

The IIID Award is a great celebration of what information designers contribute to society. They apply creativity and design thinking to solve complex communication problems, and to improve every aspect of human life.

When we travel, information designers help us find the way. When we buy things, they help us to make informed choices. When we pay tax or claim benefits from government, they explain our rights and responsibilities and make the process run smoothly. They reveal what data means, they help us find information quickly, and they explain how complex systems work. Information designers help us understand health and healthcare systems, and how our pension works. And more.

In spite of all this, most people know too little about information design. The IIID Award seeks to put that right by showing off our best work, and I look forward to seeing the 2020 entries and prizewinners.

Rob Waller
President, IIID

The IIIDaward at a glance

The international award dedicated only to information design

submission deadline is 30 April 2020

fees: students-30 Euro, IIID-Members-80 Euro, Professionals 120 Euro

31 May 2020: shortlist and winners will be announced

>> download here the IIIDaward 2020 poster

IIIDaward Book 2017