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Organisation: Art Academy of Latvia
Name: Nauris Cinovics
E-Mail: info@nauriscinovics.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: Feel the Feeling

Description of Project: Every third human in the world suffers from obesity. There are thousands of diets and recipes how to reduce overweight, but the greatest enemy is not the food itself but the appetite. More and more people eat in a hurry, not thinking about how and what has been eaten, as a result they feel satiety with a delay and not even realizing what it means to our body. By eating huge amount in a hurry our mind cannot keep the pace as there is not enough time to feel full. The main challenge was to make design prod- ucts that can prolong the eating process. The solution for the fast daily food intake is “Feel the Feeling” cutlery. It is a set of cutlery (spoon, fork, and knife) that, in contrast to usual tableware, is produced heavy in order to make the eating process slower at the same time bearing in mind the functionality that is based in the design of form and aesthetics. Each of them weighs about 1.3 kilos. The inward curves of the shape are intended to fit comfortably with the fingertips. The main focus of “Feel the Feeling” is based on the shape which can be sensed when taken in hand. These design objects are like communication with the user. Heavy weight in the palm to make the eating process slower. In this case the “excess” weight cutlery gives effect to reduce excess body weight. By using “Feel the Feeling” to change eating habits, the body is capable to change in a positive way as well.

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