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Organisation: Art Academy of Latvia
Name: Sandra évagina
E-Mail: sandra.zvagina@gmail.com
Category: Student Work

Name of Project: Location Code: Lubāna

Description of Project: Research project ìLocation Code: Lubānaî is a method of mapping local identity by focusing on the search of elements that could help to create a new public or private places in a locally authentic way. The origin of the idea emerged within my own family as my brother Oskars turned his life upside down and followed his dream of creating a winery in Lubāna - a small town in Latvia. We decided that it is important to be respectful to the region and its history while developing any new public space in it. Findings of Lubānaís identity resulted into a handbook for local entrepreneurs and residents that contains about 200 local characteristics - colour combinations, ornaments, furnishings and interior objects. Compilation is also available as a virtual database at website www.lubanaskods.lv

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