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Organisation: Transmission Design
Name: Alex Tyers
E-Mail: alex@transmissiondesign.com.au
Category: Didactics

Name of Project: Planetary Coin Collection instructions

Description of Project: The Royal Australian Mint develops several ranges of collector coins a year. The Planetary Coins Solar System Ten Coin Collection features the Sun and all the planets of the solar system including the dwarf planet Pluto. It came in a lavish pop‑up book that folded out to a full diorama presentation. Unfortunately, simply opening the book the wrong way could rip the pages or crush the pop-ups. After several unsuccessful attempts to open the book without damaging it, we worked out that the only way it could be safely done was if the book was lying face down. We developed an instruction leaflet plus an animated version for online use – see https://youtu.be/k8U6Hrn4mm4. I used my phone to take multiple images of my colleague John as he performed the micro-tasks required to safely set up the diorama. I redrew these in Illustrator, paring everything back to the highlighted essentials. I also changed John’s attire, so he looked like a NASA astronaut.* For the animated version we commissioned Melbourne musician Nick Wilson to compose a superb electronic backing track, perfectly timed to the images on screen. This coin collection was a universal success – it sold out, with zero complaints about the book self-destructing.

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