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Organisation: Studio Tumpić/Prenc
Name: Anselmo Tumpić
E-Mail: anselmo@tumpic-prenc.hr
Category: Wayshowing

Name of Project: PULA - POLA CITY POOLS

Description of Project: The newly opened, 5,900 square meter Pula City pool includes various types of pools, locker rooms, a sauna and many other facilities. Our task was to design a consistent visual identity, from the logo to the building’s internal signage. The underlying concept the entire visual identity was built upon is based on a series of conversations we had had with professional and recreational swimmers. These conversations gave us the idea of a line – a basic graphic element that guided the entirety of our creative decisions, similarly to how a line at the bottom of the pool guides a swimmer towards their goal. Once a visitor enters the building, our signage will inevitably lead them to the main 45 meter hallway, one that connects the lobby with the locker rooms, and the primary pool. Along this hallway, a stylized water line serves as the basis for various illustrations depicting scenes from the pool. These illustrations are composed of the ‘animated’ versions of familiar icons commonly used in signage (toilets, elevators, bars and more) The signage on the wall next to the secondary pool was implemented in a similar way; water depth information was integrated into a large illustration of Pula’s most notable landmarks. Furthermore, due to the City pool’s airy architecture in which glass is used as a primary element, it is precisely this illustration that dominates the space, unifying its architecture with our visual identity. Alongside it, the recurring motif of the water line can be seen on every glass surface, serving as a safety marking while simultaneously reinforcing the concept. As a new visitor walks through the building, he/she witnesses the ‘evolution’ of signage and its purpose – from the one that is purely functional, to the one that gives life to the space and celebrates its purpose.

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