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Organisation: designgruppe koop
Name: andreas koop
E-Mail: info@designgruppe-koop.de
Category: Universal design

Name of Project: ªWagnerh‰usl´ ñ a multi-sensory exhibition space Contact: Andreas

Description of Project: What was the challenge? In 2014 we were asked by the Glentleiten Open Air Museum (Southern Bavaria) to develop an exhibition space especially for blind and visually impaired persons. Situated in an historical building from 1825 it is anything but barrier-free. There are steps and stairs, low door cases and low ceilings. What was the solution? In several meetings we learned a lot about the needs of visually handicapped from persons who are directly concerned or who work closely with blind people. The socalled ªWagnerh‰usl´ shows the everyday life of a wagon-maker. The exhibition vividly demonstrates the former way of living with various exhibits. Tactile objects and tactile or auditive explanations discribes the exhibits in a multi-sensory way. As material we choose a light-coloured wood (maple) in combination with high-contrast magenta-coloured elements. The bright magenta signalizes everything that can be touched. In every single room there are audio points ñ they give both orientation and background information. What was the effect? The ªWagnerh‰usl´ is a place to hear, to feel an to understand. It is an offer for everyone: for blind and visually impaired persons but also for people with normal eyesight and especially for children. They love having the opportunity to touch many objects and to work in the discoveryworkshop (ªEntdeckerwerkstatt´).

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