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Organisation: UC Davis
Name: Susan Verba
E-Mail: sverba@ucdavis.edu
Category: Social affairs

Name of Project: Outpatient Radio

Description of Project: Susan Verba + Tracy Manuel / DiPi team + partners Center for Design in the Public Interest (DiPi), University of California, Davis The experience and inadequate treatment of chronic pain affects as many as 100 million Americans, costing an estimated $560–635 billion a year. Individuals living with chronic pain in rural areas often have limited access to health education and resources, and face significant economic, social, and public health challenges as well. In Shasta County, California, about 320 kilometers north of our university campus, the median household income in 2014 was $44,556, significantly lower than the state median of $61,489. Further, Shasta County’s population is older than that of California overall (approximately 18% of Shasta County residents are seniors over 65 compared to 12% statewide), and the rate of suicide is roughly twice the rate of California. Shasta County is especially susceptible to the opioid crisis; in 2013, the rate of opioid prescriptions (number of opioid prescriptions per 1000 people) was more than double the California rate, and hospitals in this region saw more than 1,100 overdose cases between 2006 and 2013, or three times California’s average.

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