Grand Prix

CARE Refugee Leaflet
TDL London
Victoria Tomlinson and Team of TDL-London

"Simplicity and elegance abound in this project. The practical applications and user interface are remarkably well-done. This submission demonstrates how information design solves problems and alleviates stress."

Glenn Ruhl - jury member 2014

"Design ist not necessarily selfish, stylish and self-referential. Design can be a method to solve complexe problems or at least a part of that problem. So does this project, which gives refugees necessary and helpful information for doing-yourself-help."

Kilian Stauss - jury member 2014

Awards in Wayshowing


City ID
David Gillam

vorarlberg museum, Signage
Saegenvier DesignKommunikation
Sigi Ramoser


Oxford Brookes
The Holmes Wood Consultancy Ltd
Lucy Holmes

NYU Langone Medical Center
Two Twelve
David Gibson and Ann Harakawa

INTERREG: "Innovative digitale Besucherlenkung"
ARGE motas/florian matthias
Christian Lunger, Matthias Triendl

Brisbane Multilingual Pedestrian Signage
Laura Beattie

Gebrüder Weiss, Signage Design
Saegenvier DesignKommunikation
Sigi Ramoser

University Clinics Salzburg / Paediatric Clinic
buero bauer – Gesellschaft für Orientierung & Identität mbH
Erwin K. Bauer


Kansai International Airport Sign Renewal
Yoshiko Miyamoto

Legible Leeds
Applied Wayfinding
Ben Acornley

University of British Columbia Campus Wayfinding
Applied Wayfinding
Ben Acornley

University of Greenwich
The Holmes Wood Consultancy Ltd
Lucy Holmes

Imperial War Museum
The Holmes Wood Consultancy Ltd
Lucy Holmes

BVwG Vienna
d-licious Köck & Rastbichler Grafik Design OG
Florian Koeck / Christoph Rastbichler

“flying kite” Signage Design for Taiwan Hakka Cultural Center
KMD Inc.
Kei Miyazaki

Christian Lugner,Markus Schreiber

Santi Giovanni e Paolo hospital, Venice
Iuav University of Venice
Gianluigi Pescolderung

Otto-Wagner-Hospital Vienna/Austria
Soegner.Orientierungsmanagement / is-design
Josef Soegner / Veronika Egger

Town and District Courthouse & Prison, Eisenstadt/Austria
Soegner.Orientierungsmanagement / is-design
Josef Soegner / Veronika Egger

Kresge Art Center
Michigan State University
Kelly Salchow MacArthur

Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung – DGUV
Moniteurs Communication design


Since its inception IIID has been increasing its activities aimed at promoting best practice in information design execution, delivery, utilization, teaching and research. This has been done through a number of mechanisms including facilitating an international information design networking structure, staging the major IIID Vision Plus international conferences, organizing special interest group meetings in the Expert Forum series, running workshop events, developing a student exchange scheme, leading European Union research projects, etc.
This range is now extended by the introduction of the IIID Inaugural Information Design Awards. I am very enthusiastic about this initiative and in my role as President I shall do all I can to support the successful launch and implementation of this new scheme. I encourage readers in the field to consider making submissions for these awards and additionally to urge other design practitioners to do likewise. Also, offers to sponsor future awards will be welcomed by the IIID Board from relevant organizations with an interest in some aspect of the broad field of information design.
Now, more than ever, in this increasingly complex world, there is a need for timely and accessible information presented in a pleasing manner that leads to effective and satisfying action. This is the work of information designers and the IIID Awards are aimed at raising awareness of this important field of endeavor and giving profile to excellent examples of information design production. I look forward to applauding to first winners.
Professor Clive Richards, IIID president

The world has dramatically changed in recent years mainly due to technology advancements. This has added to the complexity load and created a true global marketplace. This global landscape consists of ever changing challenges and as a consequence, todays leading Information Designers have had to obtain both depth of skills and integrated approaches. This has enabled them to be optimal at the leading edge of the innovation and transformation equation. Their contribution has, in effect, created true positive advances and outcomes impacting peoples lives. We finally have an award (The IIID Award) that will not only play the critical role of recognizing Information Designers who have made exceptional contributions to the field, but will also inspire new patterns, ideas and practices as we keep moving forward.
Gordon Akwera, User experience and Information Design Consultant, Lab49 NYC, USA, IIID Board Member

When information is designed well, it goes unnoticed and enables people to do whatever they want to do. Poorly designed information leads to errors, delays, unnecessary additional costs, and frustration. Unfortunately, the consequences of poor information design are highly visible and attract a lot of attention. Ballot forms, instructions, medical inserts and bankstatements are examples of visual information that is more often the topic of condemnation than of jubilation. The IIID award will focus on information that is well designed and empowers people to understand, consider and act. At the same time, the award highlights the crucial role of frequently unnoticed visual information in a society.
Karel van der Waarde, Avans University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands, Van der Waarde Design Research, Belgium, IIID Board Member

The IIID Awards recognize the benefit of information design and showcases the variety of ways that information design impacts our lives. The IIID Awards are an excellent way to heighten the visibility of the work of information designers and promote the value of their work in research and in addressing vital – and often critical – human needs worldwide.
Prof. Judith Moldenhauer, Wayne State University, USA